3 Places You Can Go To Gamble

Gambling is such an interesting activity that releases so many different feelings to you. Winning brings unimaginable joy to the person who won because they could never believe that they won at a game with such a low winning rate whilst losing will bring anger and frustration to the person who lost. Some people gamble their house and retirement savings away for that one winning opportunity. So as a dedication to all the casino players out there, we’ve compiled a list of casinos you can go to gamble. These may not be the most trusted casino Malaysia but we assure you these are the top picks of all the casinos we’ve searched from. Here are some places you can go to gamble.

If you’re thinking about going somewhere closer to Malaysia, this is the place we recommend to you. Marina Bay Sands Singapore is a popular gambling arena, loved by millionaires and billionaires alike. The ultra-rich, usually go there to buy a drink or two at their popular bars but they are known to gamble in the casino as well. With over 600 gaming tables and 1500 slot machines it’s a casino in the middle of a shopping mall that is to be admired. The area is furnished with many good looking and plush furniture. Tourists have free entry over the area but locals must pay 100SGD for each entry. If you’re a local pretending to disguise yourself as a foreigner you won’t get far as you’ll need a passport verification.

The next area we recommend is where the gods of casinos reside.  This is known to be the haven of casinos and the place known for big wins and losses. Bellagio, Las Vegas is a tycoon in the gambling industry. It was built at a cost of 88 million dollars and has been featured in nearly every casino-inspired movie or scene. This place is similar to a casino temple. The world poker tournament is held here yearly and nothing is compromised in the Bellagio. Even the 2000 slot machines here guarantee a win of nearly $2 million for the lucky winners. No wonder, people are always sitting by the slot machines. The Bellagio is also completed with high-end malls and stores for the winners. This is so that the winners and use the money they just won to spend it on over-priced products at the Bellagio.

Known as the East-Asian version of Las Vegas, Macau, China has some of the best casinos in east Asia. It’ situated in the Grand Lisboa which is the tallest building in the city. The building is also adorned with over a million LED lights. That looks like a high electricity bill to most of us but to them it’s a scheme where they use to attract customers. The Grand Lisboa has over 800 gaming tables and over 1000 slot machines for their customers. The games span across several floors with each one having beautifully decorated floors that capture the eyes of every person. The Lisboa also doesn’t come empty. It has entertainment within the casino with bars for guests to enjoy their drinks at.  

We hope you enjoy our recommendations on where to gamble when you’re out and about again. Travel the world and see these places for yourself. Tell us which is the best place among our recommendations.

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