Beautiful Apartment For Rent in Kota Kinabalu Properties: What You Choose

As we have mentioned, in this guide our purpose is to prepare you in the best possible way for the purchase and therefore, below you will find some essential characteristics regarding the properties to be taken into account before making any type of purchase proposal, verbal or written.

Have you seen a real estate proposal and are you convinced that you want to commit to enter into a negotiation with the seller?

First it is good to check that the property in question is actually suitable for sale. Otherwise you can also go for the Apartment For Rent in Kota Kinabalu Properties.

What We Can Advise You

We advise you to carry out a second inspection with a qualified technician (engineer, surveyor, architect, etc.) in order to avoid possible defects or hidden wear. In fact, it is always good to check every aspect related to building regulations, to avoid having future problems.

If the seller is not a natural person, but you want to start negotiations with a business or real estate company, we recommend that you have the financial status of the selling company checked by your intermediaries. This is because some builders can make use of the bankruptcy revocation, declaring that the sale was made to their detriment. Either way, it’s a remote possibility, but it’s good that you know.

Talk to the condominium administrator:

Before making any purchase proposal, inform the condominium administrator if any extra maintenance work is planned for the building. Generally, the condominium regulation provides that if extraordinary maintenance works have been approved during the advertising phase of the property, the aforementioned works burden the current owners and not the future ones. In any case, ask for information even if you are only rumors in the building to schedule works of this kind. This advice is essential when it is known that maintenance work on buildings is generally onerous, and it would be a shame to have to shell out large amounts as soon as the purchase is completed. By informing yourself in advance, you can play this card during the negotiation phase, if the owner wants to lower the starting price of the property.

Perfect Choices

To be very picky, since you have now become familiar with the condominium administrator, also ask specifically if the current homeowner has pending debts towards the condominium. Of course, this advice does not imply entering into the owner’s personal affairs; know that in the case of unpaid pending, however, the administrator will have, by condominium regulation, the right to make up for the new owner, that is you.

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