Best Apartments in Mont Kiara Properties

We recommend that you carry out inspections regularly. During the first year, we inspect the apartments in Mont Kiara Properties first after three months, then always once a year. We focus on cleanliness, excessive wear, the number of people in the apartment, or whether the tenant has not replaced the lock without consent or even does not smoke in the apartment. Also, consult with tenants about minor or major repairs and, if necessary, find out their plans for the future. According to the new Civil Code, the tenant cannot be accused of acquiring an animal, but this can be taken into account in the rental price by a small increase if the animal is associated with a greater risk of impairment of the apartment.


Solve the problem with non-payers immediately; ideally, enshrine the procedure in case of insolvency of the tenant directly in the contract. Resolve the first three days of delay with a friendly warning, ideally by e-mail and by phone. Making mistakes is human and it could happen that the tenant forgot to set a standing order. After three days, send the reminder to the tenant again in writing, ideally in duplicate by registered mail and e-mail or via the data box specified in the contract. In the message, notify the tenant in Gombak condor for rent,  directly of any notice. This will avoid unnecessary conflicts if the tenant does not wait for notice. Arrange a handover date in writing and invite at least one impartial witness to it. Don’t forget to get photo/video documentation even during the handover.

Repair and painting

The lease agreement also stipulates the condition of the apartment upon handover and its subsequent restoration to its original condition. For example, the wording type “The apartment was handed over with functional appliances, tidy, painted without obvious defects.” During the handover, the so-called normal wear and tear of the apartment is taken into account.

Wear, the vacancy of the apartment

According to the statistics of the company, the average damage to an apartment after its handover is between 12 and 15 thousand crowns. The standard for painting, cleaning, cleaning, and minor repairs. However, cases of more serious damage are no exception, most often including scratched or soiled floors, furniture, or paneling. We, therefore, recommend that you create a price list for damage to the essential equipment of the apartment, as an annex to the lease agreement. “It is these worries that the service takes over.

The advantage is also the payment of rent to the property owner even when it is unoccupied. The owner of the Mont Kiara property does not face a loss of income. We also guarantee that after the end of the sublease, he will get the property back in the same condition in which he entrusted it to us.

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