Meet Djungelskog The Adorable IKEA Plush Bear Everyone Loves

Meet Djungelskog The Adorable IKEA Plush Bear Everyone Loves
(+ 5 Reasons You Need To Buy It)

Everyone remembers the IKEA shark that went viral a few years back for being just so gosh-darn cute. The shark in question, named Blåhaj (literally ‘blue shark’), was a large, adorable blue shark plush that people loved posing in all sorts of weird situations; with a long, fluffy body and a frowny gaping mouth reminiscent of me every time I find out my brother had eaten all the bagels. But what if I told you that Blåhaj isn’t the only IKEA Internet star making it’s rounds on the Internet right now?

If Time broadband package Malaysia ’re curious about what I mean – then meet Djungelskog; the adorable IKEA plush bear that everyone on the Internet has been freaking out about!

Djungelskog is the perfect huggable buddy that you absolutely need in your life. Since it’s initial release earlier in 2020, people all around the Internet have immediately fallen in love with this large brown bear plush; with it’s round, huggable belly and soft kind eyes. To illustrate just how smitten the Internet has become with IKEA’s latest plushy addition, Twitter almost immediately exploded with posts expressing love for Djungelskog upon it’s launch; with people sharing pictures of their very own djungelskog lounging on beds, being squished in arms, and even belted up in a car seat like a large, soft, brown-bear toddler. Djungelskog has definitely taken the world by storm!

But if you need further reason to buy yourself this adorable plush brown bear, here are 5 reasons why you need to own your very own djungelskog right now!

1. It Has A Large, Huggable Belly

Part of the reason why Djungelskog is such an appealing plush toy is it’s distinctive large, huggable belly. The bear is designed so that it looks particularly round and soft around the middle, making it look like it’s lounging comfortably even when it’s just sitting on a bed. Looking at it, who can resist gathering the djungelskog into your arms and nuzzling your face into it’s belly?

With a soft and large stomach like that, bracketed on both sides with cute, pawed arms, it looks like it gives amazing hugs!

2. It Looks So Kind

The djungelskog has a pretty simplistic face, as far as plushies go – just two black eyes and a black nose, set against a fluffy brown bear head. But something about the slant of it’s eyes and lack of noticeable mouth makes the bear look like it’s gazing softly at you; with a fond look that seems to say ‘Good job today. You did so well.’

Now is that motivation to work, or what? (I’ll do it for you, djungelskog!)

3. It’s 100cm Wide

According to various sources, the djungelskog is about 100cm wide. Of course, there are varying sizes – but who wouldn’t want to own a 100cm wide stuffed animal that you can hold in your arms?

The djungelskog’s online charm seems to lie quite a bit in it’s large size, for a plushie. Much like the similarly large Blåhaj, people online have taken to dressing it up in human clothes, propping it up against couches, and even letting it read books and eat pizzas. Everyone wants to treat the djungelskog as just another member of the family – and it’s large size certainly helps!

4. It’s Easily Purchase-able Online

Like most IKEA products, the djungelskog is easily purchasable from IKEA’s online store – which is immensely convenient for those who don’t live that close to an IKEA or simply want to spare the trip. All you really need is accessibility to Internet connection like Time internet Malaysia, and you’ll be able to go onto IKEA’s website and order yourself the djungelskog you’ve always wanted.

5. It ‘Always Greets You With Open Arms’

The IKEA official description for djungelskog describes it as a bear that’s always ready to ‘greet you with open arms’. Indeed, while the djungelskog has no discernible bone structure for it to lift it’s own arms (because it’s a plushie) and can only kind of sit slumped over in your bed and couch (because it’s a plushie), the djungelskog can still be posed to look like it’s opening it’s arms to you; ready to give you a big brown bear hug it’s large belly and pawed arms were made for.

Now who doesn’t want to return the embrace and squeeze the djungelskog fondly?

It’s pretty evident that the Internet has gone insane over this adorable plush bear from IKEA – and certainly for good reason. With a huggable large body and a soft expression, no one can resist the djungelskog’s charm – so why not get yours today!

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