Study Video Game Design And Development

Video games happen to be the most lucrative entertainment area with an irresistible growth nationally and internationally both. Nevertheless, creating video games happens not to be similar to playing games. In latest years, there has been a better demand for specialists with skills in creating and programming art for games. The industry, increasingly demanding and competitive, seeks other skills and the rarest of them in Malaysia is that of a game designer.

This post-graduation game design in this scenario prepares future specialists for the artistic, technical, and human problems of video game production by the teaching of methods and the creation of playable examples, accompanied by some of the best and most experienced game designers in the industry.

The higher professional technical course in game design and digital animation aims to provide higher professional qualification, preparing students to plan, design, design and develop digital multimedia games and animations for different environments and platforms, which enable assertive and effective communication. It seeks to privilege a solid formation in the cycle of creating a video game, emphasizing aspects such as game design, programming with support for various game engines and platforms, narrative and interface, audio and video, 2d and 3d animation, among other features. It also favors an eminently practical aspect, as demonstrated by the projects included in its study plan.

The gamer world is home to the professionals of digital games! Innovation and creativity are the gateways to this graduation, which trains professionals with dynamic knowledge related to the process of developing interactive digital entertainment. The course promotes its training in a multidisciplinary way to systematize the development and management of projects, in addition to the creation of scripts and characters, graphic development, sound, game engines, artificial intelligence and game project management, entrepreneurship, marketing, and publishing of final products. During the course, the student has contact with theoretical and practical disciplines that make it possible to obtain the necessary skills for creative and innovative performance, such as programming, screenwriting: storyboard, and computer graphics.

Professional outputs

The master in design and interactive media aims to qualified professionals, researchers, and students in the fields of interactive media, providing training with advanced knowledge related to the area while developing the skills necessary for future applications. Through participation in projects, students have the opportunity to develop practical skills and gain experience, obtaining contacts that may be useful in the research network and in the labor market, as creators, producers, designers, managers, or entrepreneurs.


If you are interested in the master of Widad college interactive design and media, and if you want to know more about the use and use of interactive media in order to create transformative and attractive experiences, and if you are interested in interacting with an international community of researchers and academics world-class, this is the right course for you. But if you would rather battle with the world of something less technological, opt for the best sports management courses.

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